• 5010_Blue_Fluorescent_Acrylic_Sheet_02_1800x

  • 2085_Pink_Fluorescent_Acrylic_Sheet_02_1800x

  • 5320_Green_Fluorescent_Acrylic_Sheet_02_1800x

  • 5740_Yellow_Fluorescent_Acrylic_Sheet_02_1800x

  • 6330_Orange_Fluorescent_Acrylic_Sheet_02_1800x

Colored acrylic sheets with a bright glowing edge.

These eye-catching sheets will self-illuminate even at low light levels.

Light passes through with a strong colorful tint.

Objects can be seen clearly on the other side.

Great for many creative projects.

Like all acrylics, this sheet can be easily cut, formed and fabricated.

This sheet is for indoor use only.


Opacity Transparent
Surface Finish Glossy
Special Effect Fluorescent
Thickness Tolerance +/- 10%
Acrylic Type Cast
Masking Paper



Jinan Premium Plastic Co.,Ltd has 4 production base-32sets lines, 30,000sqm.

200 employees and 30 engineers.

<1>pvc foam board/pvc celuka board production base, 20 sets production lines.

<2>pvc rigid board/pp board production base,10 sets production lines.

<3>cast acrylic sheet production base, more than 1,000 moulds.

<4>pvc marble sheet production base, 2 sets production lines.

1. New particularly lightweight materials, green & environmental protection, no pollution
2. Uniform surface,more bright white, more suit for digital printing.
3. Fire retarding and self extinguishing within 5 second.
4. Waterproof, moistureproof and mildew prevent.
5. Sound insulation, heat preservation, electric insulation.
6. Easy to process, cut, saw, plane, nail, drill, gluing, routing, stamping, same with wood.
7. Firm and durable, long service life.
8. Saving energy, recycle and reuse.
9. Widest rang of dimension and thickness, widely used for printing,spraying,sign and display,engraving,decorating,film laminating ,embossing,furniture,building, etc
10. No contain lead, protect environment.

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